Non-award enrolment 

Some undergraduate (UG LLB), Juris Doctor (JD) and postgraduate Law courses are available to study on a non-award basis. Non-award students commonly do a course in an area specific to their employment or hold overseas law qualifications and need to do a small number of courses to be able to be admitted as a solicitor in NSW.  

UNSW Law Non-award Enrolment Policy 

For incoming non-award enrolments: 

  • Applicants with an Legal profession Admission Board (LPAB) assessment letter apply for non-award enrolment as they have a completed LLB or JD from overseas and will only be required to complete some courses to qualify as a practising lawyer.  
  • Applicants who need to complete a long list of compulsory courses from the LPAB letter are advised to apply for the JD rather than enrolling as non-award, as they will benefit from getting an award law qualification. 
  • Applicants apply as a non-award student at UNSW and provide documents that confirm they have a law background. Find application details and a form at Cross-Institutional and Non-Award (Voluntary) Study
  • Non-award students can only enrol in JURD courses. They will usually apply for compulsory courses primarily to satisfy the Priestley 11 requirements for admission. 
  • Other applicants with a law background or completed law qualification may request to enrol in a single elective, e.g. Animal Law, Immigration Law etc. These are normally applicants who specialised in the area of their work and want to gain further knowledge of the course or area of study. They can enrol in postgraduate or undergraduate LAWS courses. 
  • Generally, staff will approve courses requested for enrolment if there are places available, but the University has a restriction on the enrolment limit for non-award students – i.e. they cannot enrol in more than 24 UOC in any one academic year. 

Cross-institutional study 

Students from other Australian universities may be able to undertake undergraduate and JD elective courses and most postgraduate Law courses at UNSW Law as a Cross Institutional Student. 

UNSW Law Cross-institutional Study Enrolment Policy 

For incoming undergraduate (UG LLB) and Juris Doctor (JD) students: 

  • UG LLB and JD students from other universities may apply to UNSW.  
  • When submitting the application, students need to provide an official or certified transcript, approval letter from their home institution for the UNSW courses they wish to enrol in and their fee status. 
  • UG LLB students can apply for open electives offered in the relevant semester by checking the UG Timetable Planner.  
  • Compulsory courses (list below) are not approved for enrolment for cross-institutional students. 
  • “School Consent” courses such as internships, placements and clinics, research thesis and some overseas electives are not eligible to cross-institutional students. 
  • To be eligible, students must be in their penultimate or final year of study or completed most of the compulsory courses, no failures in the last two semesters and must meet the academic prerequisites for the course, e.g. for enrolment in Advanced Criminal Law, students must have completed Criminal Law courses. 
  • A maximum of 48 UOC is the enrolment limit. 

List of compulsory courses at UNSW Law: 

  • Introducing Law and Justice 
  • Torts 
  • Crime and the Criminal Process 
  • Criminal Laws 
  • Principles of Private Law  
  • Contracts 
  • Principles of Public Law  
  • Lawyers, Ethics and Justice 
  • Administrative Law  
  • Federal Constitutional Law 
  • Equity and Trusts 
  • Land Law 
  • Resolving Civil Disputes  
  • Court Process, Evidence and Proof 
  • Law in the Global Context 
  • Business Associations 
How to apply for non-award or cross-institutional study 

Applications for non-award enrolment and cross-institutional study are processed by the central UNSW Admissions Office and there are strict application deadlines.  

Visit UNSW Non Award and Cross Institutional (general information) for more details. 

Further Information 

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