Peer Tutor Program 

The Peer Tutor Program is available to Law dual degree students and Juris Doctor (JD) students in the first year of their Law degree. The aim of the program is to develop your understanding of legal concepts and skills needed for the study of Law. The program is available free of charge to any student who needs it, and students with English as a second language are encouraged to join the program as soon as classes begin. 

You can expect to meet with your tutor, a senior Law student, for one hour per week from Week 4. This is your opportunity to practise for class participation, to deal with materials you find difficult and to practise your legal skills, such as case-reading and statutory interpretation.  

We recommend you get involved in the program for approximately six to eight weeks, depending on how you are going in your legal studies.  

All first-year students will be emailed early in the term about how they can register for the Peer Tutor Program via Moodle. 

The Convenor of the program is Mark Duffy

LawPLUS Peer Mentoring Program 

UNSW LawPLUS is a peer mentoring program designed to help new students adjust to university life and their Law Degree. LawPLUS aims to introduce newcomers to the vibrant student culture and inclusive environment of UNSW Law & Justice. 

It is a joint initiative of UNSW Law & Justice and the UNSW Law Society and is supported by the UNSW Student Counselling Service. The program is coordinated and run by student volunteers throughout the year and encompasses: 

  • Weekly group meetings with student mentors (Term 1) 

  • Exciting social events (all year) 

  • A wide range of skills workshops and presentations (all year) 

You and a small group of new Law students will be mentored by experienced Law students who will assist you in your transition into the Law School from high school, workplace or another field of study. LawPLUS also provides invaluable opportunities to meet other students out of class hours in both an intimate social setting and large group environment.  

How to get involved 

All first-year Law students (undergraduate and transfer) are encouraged to sign up for the LawPLUS program. Registration opens in February during Orientation Week. 

Join our Facebook group for information on how to register, and for regular updates and information about all the exciting opportunities and events that are happening with LawPLUS!  

To find out more, email the coordinators at


JD/PG Impact Program 

The JD/PG Impact Program is LawPLUS’s peer mentoring program for those enrolled in the Juris Doctor (JD) and postgraduate programs. It is designed to assist JD/PG students in making a successful transition into Law School by organising fortnightly group meetings throughout the year with experienced JD/PG students. 

As a mentee, you will regularly meet fellow students who have successfully adjusted to your Law degree and can give you advice about studying Law at UNSW. It is an opportunity to meet new people and interact with students who have managed to balance the rigours of this degree with personal and professional commitments. 

To find out more, email the coordinators at

Student Legal Education Group (SLEG)

Founded at UNSW over 30 years ago, SLEG is a non-profit organisation that aims to improve access to justice by engaging, educating and empowering members of the community, particularly the vulnerable and disadvantaged. Trained UNSW Law & Justice student presenters deliver free-of-charge workshops and seminars, educating program participants on their legal rights in ways that are meaningful and practical to them. 


Get in touch with us and join the SLEGacy today!


The SLEG modules have been developed by UNSW Law & Justice students in conjunction with members of the Law & Justice faculty and the Kingsford Legal Centre. These resources are updated each year and written with the NSW Education Standards Authority curricular specifically in mind, so can be tailored to suit the needs of the classroom and syllabus. 

Modules include:

  • Criminal Law and Police Powers
  • Human Rights
  • Employment Law and Consumer Rights

Presentations can also include a discussion on university life, scholarship options for UNSW, and the experience of studying a law degree.  


SLEG caters to a variety of participants across four key programs. Audiences range from school groups, to community centres and extend to rural and Indigenous youths.

  • Sydney Schools Program
  • SLEG in collaboration with the ASPIRE Outreach Program
  • Community Program
  • Regional Program

The Regional Program invites a team of dedicated SLEG presenters to travel to rural NSW to facilitate presentations at local schools and community centres. Our presenters have the opportunity to work with lawyers and academics to refine and develop modules, as well as share their experiences as UNSW law students. Recruitment for the Regional Program operates separately to the annual presenter intake, so all law students are welcome to apply!


UNSW Undergraduate and Juris Doctor students from all stages of their law degree are encouraged to become presenters with SLEG. It is a great way to connect with other UNSW Law students, finesse your skills in public speaking and teamwork in a way that sees your degree working in practice, and to aid both local and regional communities with your legal knowledge. 

Schools, community centres and other interested groups are invited to participate in this program. We present free-of-charge and are happy to tailor our content to your specific needs, time frame and year group. If you would like more information on the program, please do not hesitate to contact us