The Police Powers Clinic is an experiential learning program located in Redfern Legal Centre, an independent, non-profit community centre dedicated to promoting social justice and human rights. In this course, students will put their legal skills and knowledge to use and gain practical experience of law and policing in action. At the same time, students will be critically analysing the effect of law and police practices on disadvantaged clients in a community legal centre setting. 

What does the clinic involve? 

Students will be assisting solicitors in advising clients in making complaints against the police, as well as conducting work on research, policy and community legal education. Through client work, advocacy and law reform projects and a weekly two-hour seminar, the program aims to strengthen students’ practical skills in research, writing, advocacy, problem-solving, team work and independent judgment. 

Students will spend one day (seven hours: 9am to 5pm) at Redfern Legal Centre each week. There will be a half-day induction program at the centre which is compulsory for all students. 

When does the clinic run? 

Police Powers Clinic usually runs in Terms 1 and 2, and is held on Fridays, and there is an application period before each intake which is advertised to students via email. 

How to apply

For clinic application dates and deadlines, current UNSW Law students should visit myLaw or contact Law Student Services for more information.