The Land and Environment Court Clinic is an experiential learning program. In this six units of credit (UOC) course, students will put their legal skills and knowledge to use and gain practical experience of the law in action. At the same time, they will be critically analysing the effect of law and legal policy on members of the community and the environment in a court setting.  

What does the clinic involve? 

The Land and Environment Court of NSW was the world’s first specialist environmental court established as a superior court of record. The Court has wide civil, criminal and administrative jurisdiction, and has been influential well beyond NSW in its efforts to increase access to justice (e.g. introducing on-site hearings) and in its development of the law (e.g. on climate change). 
Students will spend one day (seven hours: 9am to 5pm) at the Land and Environment Court each week for 10 weeks. Students will begin the course with lectures at UNSW and an induction at the Court. Students will also attend fortnightly seminars at UNSW. 

When does the clinic run? 

The Land and Environment Court Clinic runs in Term 1 only, and students can apply before each intake when it is advertised to students via email.  

How to apply

For clinic application dates and deadlines, current UNSW Law students should visit myLaw or contact Law Student Services for more information.