Dr Weihuan Zhou

Ph.D, LL.M, MIB (University of Sydney), LLB (SISU)

I have great interest in the field of international economic law. My research focuses on the laws of the World Trade Organization (WTO), Customs law especially trade remedies, free trade agreements, Chinese commercial law, China’s regulations of international trade and investment, China’s integration into the international and regional economic order. I have published widely on these topics in a number of top international and domestic journals such as the Journal of International Economic Law, the World Trade Review, the Journal of World Trade, the International & Comparative Law Quarterly, the China Quarterly, the Melbourne Journal of International Law, the World Economy, the Manchester Journal of International Economic Law, the Global Trade and Customs Journal, the Asian Journal of WTO & International Health Law and Policy, the Australian Law Journal, the Chinese Journal of Comparative Law, and the Tsinghua China Law Review. My work has been cited widely, including in European Parliament briefings, reports of the Parliament of Australia and Australia’s Productivity Commission, as well as leading scholars in the field.

At UNSW Law, I am one of the first members of the Herbert Smith Freehills China International Business and Economic Law (CIBEL) Centre. The CIBEL Initiative is a university funded long term and strategic initiative to enhance research strength in the areas of international business and economic law of relevance to China in the twenty-first century. The CIBEL website is here: http://www.cibel.unsw.edu.au/. Globally, I am currently a member of the Executive Council of the Society of International Economic Law (SIEL), one of the world’s leading organisations for academics and academically-minded practitioners and officials in international economic law: http://www.sielnet.org/.

Prior to joining UNSW Law in 2015, I was a trade and commercial lawyer at a top-tier Australian law firm in Sydney. In that capacity, I advised the Government of China (represented by China’s Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM)), Chinese industry associations, and numerous major producers and exporters from different countries in various trade remedy investigations in Australia. I also acted for major Chinese state-owned enterprises and private companies in a number of cross-border transactions including major Chinese investment into energy and resources, agriculture and property in Australia. Before that, I conducted research at the Faculty of Law, University of Sydney. My unpublished Ph.D thesis, completed in 2012, was on “Adjudicating De Facto Discrimination under the GATT National Treatment Rule: The Role of Regulatory Purpose”. Before that, I was a consultant at the WTO Secretariat. In that capacity, I developed two of the major online courses of the WTO including: “The Multilateral Trade Agreements” (554 pages) and “Market Access for goods and Non-Agricultural Market Access (NAMA) Negotiations” (382 pages), amongst other responsibilities. Currently, I continue to consult for leading Australian law firms on foreign trade and investment matters. I am a qualified lawyer in Australia.


Zhou W, 2019, China's Implementation of the Rulings of the World Trade Organization, Hart Publishing, https://www.bloomsbury.com/au/chinas-implementation-of-the-rulings-of-the-world-trade-organization-9781509913558/

Edited Books

Picker C; Wang H; Zhou W, (eds.), 2018, China - Australia Free Trade Agreement: A 21st-Century Model, Hart Publishing, Oxford; Portland, Oregon, https://www.bloomsbury.com/au/the-china-australia-free-trade-agreement-9781509915385/

Journal articles

Zhou W; Jiang H; Kong Q, 2020, 'Technology Transfer Under China’s Foreign Investment Regime: Does the WTO Provide a Solution', Journal of World Trade, vol. 54, pp. 455 - 480, https://kluwerlawonline.com/journalarticle/Journal%20of%20World%20Trade/54.4/41126

Zhou W, 2020, 'In Defence of the WTO: Why Do We Need A Multilateral Trading System?', Legal Issues of Economic Integration, vol. 47, pp. 9 - 42, http://www.kluwerlawonline.com/abstract.php?area=Journals&id=LEIE2020002

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Book Chapters

Williams B; Zhou W, 2020, 'If the WTO Were to Break Down Completely, Would We Stoop and Build It Up with Worn-Out Tools?', in Lewis MK; Nakagawa J; Neuwirth R; Picker C; Stoll P-T (ed.), A Post-WTO International Legal Order: Utopian, Dystopian and Other Scenarios, Springer, pp. 93 - 112, http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/978-3-030-45428-9_6

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Conference Papers

Zhou W, 2019, 'Theory of Distortions and Welfare as the Backbone of the WTO: If We Lose the Form, Do We Lose the Essence?', in Picker C; Nakagawa J (ed.), University of Tokyo, pp. 1 - 9, presented at Paradise Lost or Found? The Post-WTO International Legal Order (Utopian & Dystopian Possibilities), University of Tokyo, 09 January 2019 - 10 January 2019, https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=3309354

2018 CIBEL Seeds Grant (with Associate Professor Henry Gao at Singapore Management University) (Between Market Economy and State Capitalism: China’s State-Owned Enterprises and the World Trading System)

2018 University of New South Wales/Tsinghua-UNSW Collaborative Research Fund - Seed Grant(Co-investigator)(Financial Innovation and Regulatory change in the Context of De-globalisation: China's Approach and the Implications for Australia)

2017 University of New South Wales/SJTU-UNSW Collaborative Research Fund - Seed Grant(Chief Investigator)(China's Liberalization of Trade in Education Services under ChAFTA)

2016 University of New South Wales/SJTU-UNSW Collaborative Research Fund - Seed Grant(Chief Investigator)(China's Liberalization of Trade in Legal Services under ChAFTA)

2015 Early Career Research Teaching and Development Support Fund, UNSW Law

My areas of expertise include all areas of international economic law and China, such as World Trade Organization, international trade disputes, free trade agreements, trade remedies, international investment, and all regulatory and policy aspects relating to China particularly China's economic reform and integration into the world economy.  

Zhou W; Gao H, 2020, US-China Phase One Deal: A Brief Account, Wolters Kluwer, http://regulatingforglobalization.com/2020/01/22/us-china-phase-one-deal-a-brief-account/

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Opinion|22 Jun 2020
Why China believed it had a case to hit Australian barley with tariffs
China felt the Murray Darling Basin Plan was about more than the environment. It wanted to know how much more.
Opinion|28 May 2020
How the US-China trade agreement and COVID-19 investigation influenced China’s new barley tariffs
In 2018, China began a barley investigation in response to Australia imposing anti-dumping duties on Chinese steel and aluminium.
Opinion|26 May 2020
Getting back to harvest: The way forward after China’s barley tariff
Australian growers are effectively banned from a huge market. But details of the decision show how it may be reversed.
Opinion|Thought leadership|12 May 2020
China might well refuse to take our barley, and there would be little we could do
The threat of punitive tariffs made by China against Australian barley isn't new. The consequences could be dramatic.
Opinion|09 Mar 2020
Phase One’s Dispute Settlement Mechanism a poor alternative to WTO Appellate Body
The role of the multilateral trading system has been diminished with rising protectionism and unilateralism in trade policy, as evidenced by the US-China trade war, the use of retaliatory tariffs and the paralysis of the WTO’s Appellate Body.
Opinion|08 Oct 2019
Myth busted: China’s status as a developing country gives it few benefits in the World Trade Organisation
In complaining about China's alleged special treatment by the World Trade Organization, US President Donald Trump and Australia's Scott Morrison are pointing to something that isn't really there.
Achievement|02 Aug 2019
Hong Kong and Singapore roadshow a success for CIBEL Centre
Roadshow helps to strengthen research collaboration with academic staff in five top universities.
Opinion|Research|23 Nov 2018
OPINION Barley is tactical weapon as China takes on Australia over dumping
China's so-called anti-dumping action against Australia is really an action against Australia's overuse of anti-dumping provisions. Barley producers are caught in the crossfire.
Opinion|Research|11 Apr 2018
OPINION Shorten's plan to triple anti-dumping penalties misunderstands the law
Bill Shorten’s proposal to triple anti-dumping penalties demonstrates a misunderstanding of dumping and its impact on the economy. It also misunderstands when anti-dumping measures may be lawfully applied and to what extent.
20 Oct 2017
Strengthening our commitment to China and the region
UNSW Law’s China International Business & Economic Law (CIBEL) Initiative travelled to Beijing last month to further drive collaboration and strengthen the Faculty’s commitment to China and the region.
18 Sep 2017
Indonesia challenges Australia’s anti-dumping measures at the WTO
OPINION: Dr Weihuan Zhou, The Conversation, 15 September 2017.
14 Sep 2017
Insight – Australia WTO paper dispute: impact on new EU antidumping methodology
OPINION: Dr Weihuan Zhou and Stéphanie Noël, Borderlex, 7 September 2017.On 1 September 2017, Indonesia brought a dispute to the World Trade Organization over Australia’s anti-dumping measures on A4 copy paper. The implications of a ruling in this case will go far beyond the case at hand and may impact, in the long-term, the anti-dumping practice of the European Union.

Teaching Activity


  • Principles of Private Law (LAWS1150)
  • Principles of Private Law (JURD7150)
  • International Trade Law: The Law and Policy of the WTO (LAWS3084)
  • International Trade Law: The Law and Policy of the WTO (JURD7484)
  • International Trade Remedies: Law and Practices (LAWS3354)
  • International Trade Remedies: Law and Practices (JURD7554)
  • International Business Transactions (LAWS8993)
  • International Business Transactions (JURD7593)
  • Chinese Regulation of International Business (LAWS3157)
  • Chinese Regulation of International Business (JURD7657)
  • Intro to Chinese Regulation of Int'l Business (LAWS8365)
  • Intro to Chinese Regulation of Int'l Business (JURD7765)