Mr Robert Shelly

Robert Shelly is a lecturer in the Faculty of Law, UNSW. For more information please see his Faculty profile.

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Journal articles

Shelly RS, 2007, 'The Discourse Concept of the Rule of Law and Democracy', Southern Cross University Law Review, vol. 11, pp. 59 - 79

Shelly RS, 2007, 'Review: Luhmann on Law and Politics: Critical Appraisals and A Sociology of Jurisprudence', Australian Journal of Legal Philosophy, vol. 32, pp. 175 - 187

Shelly RS, 2006, 'Stuntman for the State: Loughlin`s `Idea of Public Law`', Ratio Juris, vol. 19, pp. 479 - 488

Shelly RS, 2004, 'Book Review of `Law and Communication` by Mark Van Hoecke', Australian Journal of Legal Philosophy, vol. 29, pp. 226 - 230

Shelly RS, 2001, 'Institutionalising Deliberative Democracy', Alternative Law Journal, pp. 36 - 40

Shelly RS, 1997, 'Book Review of Auschwitz: 1270 to the Present by Deborah Dwork and Robert Jan van Pelt', Law Society Journal, pp. 92 - 93

social theory; political theory; the legal institutionalisation of discursive democracy, and general public and constitutional law