Dr Jasmine Bruce

JASMINE is an Adjunct Senior Lecturer at the Law School, UNSW, Sydney. Her main research interests include (i) the use of restorative justice approaches in the criminal justice system and (ii) the legal profession, stress and wellbeing.

Jasmine is currently a Chief Investigator on an ARC Linkage project evaluating wellbeing programs for lawyers and support staff (will Janet Chan and Suzanne Poynton and Legal Aid NSW). She was previously a Research Fellow on an ARC Discovery project led by Professor Janet Chan on the legal profession titled `Legal culture, work stress and professional practice: a study of Australian lawyers`. 

She has recently completed a study with Meredith Rossner (UWS) on the process of Forum Sentencing - a restorative justice program for adult offenders in NSW. This project was funded by the NSW Department of Attorney General and Justice. Jasmine has also completed a major piece of research for her doctorate on the role of facilitators in restorative justice processes in a youth justice setting. Her project experience includes working on an ARC Linkage project on restorative justice for victims and serious offenders (with Janet Chan, Jane Bolitho, Jenny Bargen and Corrective Services NSW).

Jasmine has recently completed an edited collection (with Dr Jane Bolitho and Associate Professor Gail Mason) on the use of restorative justice for adult offenders and victims of crime which is published as part of the Sydney Institute of Criminology Monograph series. Information about other publications can be found on her the UNSW Law Staff Profile

Prior to joining the UNSW Law School, Jasmine worked as a researcher at Social Policy Research Centre, UNSW, taught Criminology in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, UNSW, and worked as a Project Officer at the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

Her main areas of research interest include: Restorative justice, Facilitation, Conferencing processes (for juvenile and adult offenders, and victims of serious crime), Professional practice and socialisation, The legal profession, Mental health and wellbeing, and Qualitative research methods (interviews and participant observation).

Profile Picture

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Book Chapters

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