Dr James Metzger

PhD (UNSW); LLM (UNSW); JD (Northwestern University School of Law); BA (magna cum laude, Tufts University).

James is a Lecturer in Law. His primary research interest is in the area of civil litigation and civil procedure, in particular class action law and procedure. He also has a research interest in alternative dispute resolution, especially in the area of online dispute resolution and the use of blockchain technology in the resolution of disputes.

Prior to commencing postgraduate study, James was a practicing litigator in New York and is admitted to the New York State Bar.

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Journal articles

Metzger J, 2018, 'Decentralized Justice in the Era of Blockchain', International Journal of Online Dispute Resolution, vol. 5, pp. 69 - 81, http://dx.doi.org/10.5553/ijodr/235250022018005102008

Metzger JD, 2018, 'Critical Perspectives on the Uniform Evidence Act', Sydney Law Review, vol. 40, pp. 147 - 158, https://sydney.edu.au/content/dam/corporate/documents/sydney-law-school/research/publications/Sydney-Law-Review-2018.pdf

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Book Chapters

Legg MJ; Metzger J, 2017, 'Section 33ZF: class actions problem solver?', in grave D; Mould H (ed.), 25 years of class actions in Australia: 1992-2017, Ross Parsons, Sydney, pp. 349 - 370

Legg M; Metzger J, 2015, 'Representative Proceedings in New South Wales', in Kumar M; Legg M (ed.), , Thomson Reuters, Pyrmont, NSW

Metzger JD, 2015, 'Client Legal Privilege', in Hunter J (ed.), The Trial Principles, Process and Evidence, Sydney, pp. 73 - 100

Civil Procedure; Evidence; US Supreme Court; US Law & Politics

Teaching Activity

Resolving Civil Disputes (LAWS2371 / JURD7271)

Court Process Evidence & Proof (LAWS2351 / JURD7251)