Dr Chantal Bostock

  • PhD (Law) - UNSW
  • LLM - University of Sydney
  • Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice - University of Tasmania
  • BA/LLB - University of Tasmania 
  • Admitted to Supreme Court of England/Wales
  • Admitted to Federal Court/High Court of Australia
  • Admitted to Supreme Court of NSW
  • Admitted to Supreme Court of Tasmania  
  • NAATI-accredited professional translator - French/English

I have worked in private practice in Sydney, specialising in migration/refugee law and as a senior lawyer at the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal (UK) and the Law Commission (UK). In addition, I have worked as a senior lawyer and Tribunal member at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, Sydney. I currently sit as a lay member of the Medical Council of NSW.

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Journal articles

Bostock C, 2011, 'The Effect of Ministerial Directions on Tribunal Independence', Australian Journal of Administrative Law, vol. 18, pp. 161 - 171, http://legalonline.thomson.com.au/jour/resultDetailed.jsp?curRequestedHref=journals/AJADMINL/volumes/18&contentSourceHref=journals/AJADMINL/volumes/18/parts/3/articles/161/fulltext&tocType=fullText&hi

Bostock CMJ, 2002, 'The international legal obligations owed to the asylum seekers on the MV Tampa', International Journal of Refugee Law, vol. 14, pp. 279 - 301, http://dx.doi.org/10.1093/ijrl/14.2_and_3.279