Technology, Law and Innovation

About this strength 

We are interested in the challenges of technology and its impact on law reform and policy, legal education and legal practice. Our work cuts across doctrines (from private to public and criminal law), technologies (from AI to synthetic biology) and industries (from financial services to medical care). The Allens Hub for Technology, Law & Innovation is the first Australian university research initiative of its kind. 

Our expertise
Competition & Consumer Law in a Digital World, Consumer Data Rights
Cyber Security, Data Protection & Surveillance
Data Justice, Human Rights & Data Governance, Data Science & Humanitarianism
Fintech & Regtech
Future of the Legal Profession & Legal Practice, Impact of Technology
Law & Bioscience, Health Law
Online Investing Regulation
Private Law & Digital Technologies
Technology & Access to Justice
Technology & Criminal Law, Technology & Policing
Technology & the Rule of Law
Technology in Dispute Resolution
Theories of Law & Technological Change