How you can make a difference 

UNSW Law is home to the next generation of bright minds determined to make their mark on the world. We are also proud to support inspirational researchers and academic leaders who work hard to change lives in their respective fields and within the broader community.  

Philanthropy plays an important leadership role in ensuring that the benefits of education and research within UNSW Law are accessible to all.  

Scholarships and awards 

Scholarships and awards are a lifeline for students.  

When students from low socio-economic backgrounds or rural areas can’t access financial assistance, the dream of undertaking a tertiary education can seem out of their reach. With the support of our generous donors, UNSW Law provides a number of scholarships and awards that provide essential support for our students.  

Every gift makes a difference. We hope you will choose to support and empower our students by making a donation.  


UNSW Law has a long and proud history of engaging with the wider community and using its research to assist in finding creative solutions to complex real-world problems in business, government and society more broadly. Our research has real-life impact and we are proud to be at the forefront of research in key areas including, but not limited to, law and technology, environmental law, human rights law, private law and public law.  

With your help, we can support research, teaching and engagement activities within the legal sector – please make a donation today

Find out more about some of our research centres.  

Social justice and community engagement  

Social justice and community engagement are the foundation that UNSW Law was built on and they remain a prominent part of our ethos today. Through initiatives such as the Kingsford Legal Centre (link to webpage) (KLC) and the Kaldor International Refugee Centre (link to webpage), we aim to provide meaningful support to our community and create a space for engaging debate on critical issues. These centres also provide hands-on experiential learning experiences for our students by giving them the opportunity to meet with clients and individuals in the sector.  

With your help, we can continue to provide our students with hands-on learning experiences while continuing to service our community with crucial legal services – please make a donation today

Find out more about some of our research centres.   

Indigenous support initiatives  

Indigenous students are more than twice as likely as non-Indigenous students to drop out of university within their first year. It’s a confronting statistic, but the stark reality is that most Indigenous students come to university with greater challenges and financial pressures than their counterparts.  

At UNSW Law, we look to provide holistic support mechanisms for Indigenous students that continue throughout their degree. This is not limited to financial support in the form of scholarships and awards, but also includes a substantive pre-law program, additional tutorial/study help sessions, pastoral care and mentorship opportunities. 

Law Endowment Fund  

By making a gift to the UNSW Law Endowment Fund, you will be supporting the highest priorities of the Faculty as determined by the Dean. This enables the Faculty to provide support to a wide variety of initiatives including scholarships, awards, research, study spaces, library facilities, experiential learning opportunities, and more.  

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For more information about how your support can make an impact on our community, please contact our UNSW Law Development Team:  

Kate Meyers, Head of Development, People, Culture & Society
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Scott Lyall, Development Manager, Law
0434 305 498, 

James Klarner, Development Officer, Arts, Design & Architecture, Business & Law
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Eden Tollis, Development Coordinator, Strategic Priorities
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A gift of any size makes a difference to UNSW Law. Donations of more than $2 are tax-deductible in Australia for Australian taxpayers.