(Available for admission from Term 2 2021)

The Master of Philosophy in Law (MPhil) is a research degree designed to provide research training for candidates aiming to develop competence in research in law, or who aim to progress to a PhD. Research training is supplemented with coursework to provide in-depth discipline skills and/or skills in relevant research methods.

Degree Details
Degree Code
Maximum 2 years full-time or 4 years part-time
Scholarships Available
Entry Requirements

Admission to the Master of Philosophy program in the Faculty of Law requires a bachelor's degree in Law or Criminology or a cognate discipline with Honours Class 2 Division 2 or a Pass degree with a credit average result. Applicants must also submit a research proposal. Admission to the program is subject to appropriate supervision being available.

Program structure

The Master of Philosophy (MPhil) comprises 18 units of credit (uoc) of coursework and a thesis of no more than 40,000 words on an approved topic. Candidates develop competence in undertaking research through a combination of coursework and research.

For the coursework component candidates will be required to complete in their first Term of enrolment LAWS0007 Introduction to Higher Degree Research in Law which is currently compulsory for all PhD candidates. Candidates from non-common law or non-law backgrounds will be required to complete LAWS8214 Global Common Law Systems. The remaining coursework course(s) can be selected by candidates from those offered in the Master of Laws program. Coursework should be selected in consultation with supervisors and the postgraduate coordinator and Director of Postgraduate Research to ensure the acquisition of requisite specialist substantive knowledge relevant to the proposed thesis area.

How to apply

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